Shadows Automatic Fixed Car Umbrella


Easily installed, vehicle-mounted automatic car umbrella

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Protect your car from the Sun with the Shadows Automatic-Fixed Car Umbrella

  • Vehicle roof-mounted automatic car umbrella
  • Attached to the car roof rack with high-quality clamps
  • Fixed to the car roof, to avoid installing and removing every time you use it
  • Open and close within 6-seconds with one press on a remote control
  • Open the umbrella while parked and close before driving
  • Shield your car from blazing sun and protect the health of your family and you.
  • Protect your car interior from deterioration by UV rays and heat that cause early aging of the interior decoration.
  • Reduce volatilization of harmful gases to ensure the occupants’ safety.
  • Installs in minutes on cars with roof racks
  • High-quality canopy and military grade structure
  • Made using High-Quality premium materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Water resistant, Anti-aging, fireproof fabric
  • Anti-Theft locks
  • Connected to the car battery using fused outdoor cable
  • Size: 410 x 225cm
  • Colors: Silver or Blue
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